Certifying Software Testers in Nigeria

Student Membership

Get a head start on your career in the Software Testing industry by joining NGSTQB, a member of the globally recognised International Software Testing and Qualifications Board (ISTQB. Boost your software testing career through ISTQB, contents, qualifications, and opportunities to network with thought leaders and renowned organisations.

Joining NGSTQB at an early stage in your career signifies your dedication to delivering high ethical standards of practice to current and future employers as well as your commitment to your own professional development.


Build a Professional Network – Network, connect and gain invaluable insights from industry professionals and peers to help propel your career journey.

Learn from others – Access our mentoring network to gain valuable advice and insight from our more experienced members. Attend campus events, specialist groups and watch webinars to hear talks and network with thought leaders.

Access to NGSTQB Events – Your membership will give you access to NGSTQB events from time to time

Start a Student Group – Start an NGSTQB Student Group at your school to gain leadership experience and position yourself for success after graduation.

Access NGSTQB Testing community – By joining, you will have access to NGSTQB Testing community platform

Access to Exam Voucher – As a member of NGSTQB you will have access to ISTQB exam voucher whenever they are available

Other benefits

  • Membership Pin
  • Membership certificate (PDF)
  • Access to NGSTQB events (at a discounted rate)
  • Access to NGSTQB Newsletter
  • Opportunity to join software testing projects to earn some income
  • Digital badge for LinkedIn

Requirements for Student Membership

To qualify for student membership, you will need to verify that you are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program and provide evidence you are earning credit towards receiving a bachelors, or master’s level degree at a recognized university. Current students will be asked to submit proof of their enrolment status along with their student membership application.

Acceptable forms of verification include:

  • Copy of Admission letter
  • Copy of Students’ identity card

Annual Subscription Fee

20,000(Per Year)