Training Providers create and deliver training that comply with the ISTQB syllabi content. The requirements for training providers are defined in the NGSTQB Accreditation Process.

The implementation of the accreditation is performed by the local ISTQB Member Board according to the accreditation process.

Only training providers that are accredited by NGSTQB can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Usage of the “Accredited Training Provider” logo.
  • Being listed on the NGSTQB website, List of Training Providers.
  • Providing a continuously expanding professional development path to their clients in the field of testing, by offering the most up-to-date testing knowledge.
  • Independent assessment of the professionalism of their trainers.
  • Independent assessment of the quality and coverage of their training material.
  • Participation in early reviews of the NGSTQB syllabi and in other activities organized by NGSTQB. 

    Training Provider Submisssion Form